White Rock, Whistler and Vancouver Island

White Rock, Whistler, Vancouver Island
Windows & Doors used in this Vancouver project
Custom White Rock, Whistler and Vancouver Island Project

Lift and Slide Doors Installed in White Rock, Whistler and Vancouver Island

This was a large scale project that involved working with a developer to install lift and slide doors in three development locations in White Rock, Whistler and Vancouver Island. Of course, all three locations had absolutely stunning views to capture and the land developer understood that investing in quality doors to showcase a view is a solid investment that purchasers will notice. Of course, the developer wanted to invest in products that would add value and curb appeal to the properties.

Three Stunning Views to Capture with Lift and Slide Doors

Each location had breathtaking views to capture, however, space was also an issue which is why the developer opted for lift and slide doors as opposed to folding or tilt and glide doors. If you have questions about what kind of door suits your development project please don’t hesitate to ask. As you can see in the photo the lift and slide doors were installed across very large openings in the wall so they let a lot of daylight in an provide an uninterrupted view to residents looking out.