7 Pivot Door Entrances with Modern Style: Glass, Wood & Metal

For unmatched architectural drama in residential and commercial settings, modern Pivot doors offer versatile and beautiful solutions. HighQ has found they are growing in popularity in Vancouver and Pacific Northwest homes because of their aesthetic, functionality and flexible design options.

While they are intrinsically modern, our Pivot doors can be manufactured in a variety of materials. Wood, glass and metal can be varied in terms of texture, color and custom LED inlays. Glass doors can be opaque, frosted or transparent and glass side panels can be used to great effect to offset metal or wood doors and provide visibility.

Seven Homes that were Transformed by Pivot Doors in Different Ways

Pivot Door Privacy

Project 1 – PNW Charm & Privacy

This style of pivot door uses painted bars, sandblasted glass, sidelights and skylights to great effect. Horizontal “Blade” style handles complete a sleek modern look offering significant privacy.

Modern Pivot Door

Project 2: Dark & Reserved

Employing a linear motif with four horizontal lines, this pivot door is quintessentially modern with an eternal “Bar” style handle that lends solid contrast and substance. This project uses a seamless floor tile creating a transition-less indoor outdoor experience.

Modern & Private Pivot Door

Project 3: Sleek, Modern & Private

Also featuring wood color painted bars and sidelights, this style of pivot door uses “Crypto” external handles and LED lighting for a stealthy and highly modern look. Wooden accents create an organic and contemporary design that is timeless.

North Vancouver Steel Pivot Door

Project 4: Steel & Sandblasted Glass

Similar to the door used in project 3, but using three lines instead of four, this pivot door uses sandblasted glass and Inox Steel frames to lend dramatic contrast to the fenestration. These doors are regal and highly-detailed.

Wooden Pivot Door with LED, on a Concrete Home

Project 5: Warm Wood & LED’s

Featuring horizontal lines, sandblasted glass, and “Crypto” handles with LED accents, these doors offer something different: LED spots on the sash profile for a bit of whimsy and added security.

Steel Pivot Door

Project 6: Cool Steel & Bar Handles

Also using Inox steel accents, these pivot doors, use the “Bar” style handle, sandblasted glass, and horizontal lines in a linear motif. They have a formidable but welcoming façade.

Large Wooden Entrway door with Pivot

Project 7: Oaked Wood & LED’s

These doors are a subtle, highly modern Pivot Door with “Crypto” handles and a linear design.

Pivot Doors are the Perfect Finish to an Entire Home of European Doors and Windows

With a wide array of handles, materials, and lighting options using both sidelights and skylights, modern Pivot Doors add excitement to your home and can increase your home’s value and curb appeal. They perfectly complement our other European Windows and Doors for a whole-home transformation. HighQ works with land developers and residential home owners throughout the Vancouver area.