Window Trends that Are Impacting the Vancouver, BC Home Development Market

HighQ Windows and Doors is a prominent supplier of authentic European windows and doors in metropolitan Vancouver. An important aspect of what we do is staying up-to-date with design trends in the market. Windows and doors can be fabricated in a side variety of colors and materials, and we have to anticipate demand for different product types to ensure that we can meet market demand.

Window Design Trends in Vancouver

Design trends usually have a life-span of about 10 years. European windows and doors were first developed in Germany and are largely sought-after for their unique functionalities like title and turn, lift and slide etc. The functionality of European windows inevitably impacted the aesthetics and design and today, European windows are also very popular for their modern lines, slim profiles and the custom sizing/color options that are available.

Black Frames on European Windows

black window frames on white home development
A residence in Coquitlam that used black frames to contrast against the white exterior of the home. See more from this project in our portfolio.

In metro Vancouver, one emerging trend: black window frames, is grabbing the attention of architects, builders and homeowners. Black window frames are used frequently with white clapboard, shingled and stucco homes, providing a minimalist effect and stark contrast in all types of light. Black window frames can have the outside frame black or both the outside and inside frames black. While black frame windows create drama, some designers recommend limiting your interior color palette to avoid clashing.

European Farmhouse Windows

black window frames on stone housing project in Vancouver
A HighQ project – Vivanta Homes – that features European farmhouse style windows in black frames. Browse this project in greater detail in our portfolio.

Another trend we are seeing is for European farmhouse windows that admit maximum light and can be adapted to many exteriors. We recommend pivoting windows where space is tight but homeowners still want to have excellent ventilation. Somewhat slow to gain favor in North America, we have seen a big uptick in demand for these windows.

Large Frameless Windows

Yet another trend in our market is for frameless windows. With no obvious fiberglass, wood or metal surrounding material, frameless windows allow for unimpeded walls of glass if so desired. As they are easy to install, frameless windows convey a clean, modern sensibility to new homes or renovation projects.

If you are in the market for new windows and doors, you can rely on HighQ Windows and Doors to assist you to make a decision that will be on trend, but will also have lasting value and will enhance your home for decades.   We invite you to explore our black frame windows, European farmhouse windows and frameless window selection and see our projects online or in-person at our showrooms.