About HighQ

Bringing European-Style Windows to North America

HighQ has been the leading provider of European-style, vinyl windows in North America for well over a decade. Our company started out as as small group of people who wanted to provide beautiful, quality windows and doors to the North American market. Our products can now be seen in some of the most stunning homes across Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

HighQ is Vancouver’s Leading Supplier of European Windows and Doors

The windows and doors industry has changed tremendously throughout the past 15 years. Homeowners and home buyers are increasingly looking for unique, high-quality, windows to transform their home. Renovating the doors and windows in an old construction home is becoming on of the most popular ways to add character and modernization to a home. Similarly, new construction developers identify that by investing in high-quality, uniquely styled windows they can significantly increase the value and appeal of a home.

Our Windows Meet the Highest Standards of Performance at a Dramatic Price Advantage

In order to stay competitive and current our team at HighQ makes it a priority to offer products that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. This includes maintaining consistent aesthetics while providing peak technical and physical performance and extremely long life with minimal care and maintenance. Not only do our windows meet and excel in performance but High Q offers them to consumers at a dramatic price advantage.

Our Windows are Perfect for Home Renovations and New Builds

Our windows are perfect for customers looking for doors and windows with a natural, wooden appearance plus the benefits of modern window technology. We offer window and door solutions for those looking to renovate their current house or for developers constructing a new build. Our decorative windows will win you over both with regards to aesthetics and functionality. Our windows and doors embody all the positive features of modern vinyl products while offering stunning, European styles.

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