Tilt & Glide Doors – HighQ’s Most Versatile Door

Capture a View Like None Other

Tilt & glide doors provide a solution where there is not enough room for a swing door. Tilt & glide doors also offer secure ventilation. Only half of the two-panel tilt & glide door system opens, the doors themselves can be made wider than regular hinged doors, allowing for a larger opening than traditional doors. The fixed half of the door (the side that does not open) can be a permanent view-enhancing fixture of the home which will allow for a lot of natural light.

Tilt & Glide Doors Use Cases

We Find Tilt & Glide doors are most popular for spaces that are a little more snug and really need to capitalize on natural daylight and a view. Developers appreciate them because they are easy to install and quickly increase the value of a home. Residents enjoy them because they brighten a room without taking up much space, they’re also affordable and offer features that some of our other windows can’t match. Tilt and glide doors are terrific for enhancing a patio space but will also complement the interior space they share a wall with. Tilt & glide doors are often used between a kitchen and a patio complementing both areas aesthetically and functionally. The ’tilting’ feature is always a show stopper for guests.

Tilt and Glide Doors are One of our Most Flexible Styles


Tilt and Glide Doors are One of our Most Flexible Styles

Tilt and glide doors are available in a variety of styles and color selections, and configurations. Often times, we can make this type of door work in many spaces where other door-types would not work. If you’re investigating different types of windows that will work for your home be sure to call us for a free estimate. We’ll recommend windows and doors based on the character of your home.

Tilt and Glide Doors Work in Small Spaces


Tilt and Glide Doors Work in Small Spaces

This intelligently designed PVCu patio door system offers a unique, space-saving functionality with a sash that slides open parallel to the fixed unit, not into the room. The wide range of features and options available for this patio door means that it is suitable for many applications including domestic home improvements, refurbishments and commercial installations.

Quite Simply - these Doors are Safe

Enhanced Security

Quite Simply - these Doors are Safe

  • Multi-point perimeter locking mechanism for enhanced security.
  • Fully reinforced PVCu door sashes using galvanized steel – pre-routed steel on locking side ensures continuous reinforcement.
  • High Q’s innovative weldable PVCu corner joint system can be incorporated into the patio door to increase rigidity of the door.
Custom Profile Options
We offer myriad of customization options. Panel configurations allow you to customize the opening to use bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. Finishes include classic PBC White, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, and many more popular colours. An extended range of woodgrain and colour laminate options are also available.
Hardware Options & Colours
Contact us for more info on our wide range of colours and hardware options for this product.

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Outfitting your home or housing project with European Windows and Doors is a profitable way of elevating the status of your home. We work with developers, architects, designers and homeowners from the blue printing stage to completion. Need our expertise outfitting your project with European windows and doors?

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  • A wide selection of european windows and doors in various colour schemes, glazing options, and gasket designs to transform and add value to your entire home.
  • Functionality of our windows and doors can be adapted to accommodate a number of manually or automatically operated hardware for the ultimate ease-of-use.

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