Window & Door Maintenance

Our Products Require Minimal Maintenance and a Lifetime of Durability.

HighQ windows are manufactured in Germany of the finest materials. After we issue a quote to you, our valued customer, our certified technicians will install your windows in-home. Our installation process is comprehensive and accountable including the product selection, installation and maintenance demonstration. Once your new windows and doors are installed we will walk you through what we’ve done and demonstrate best-practices for the long-term care and maintenance of your windows and doors.

HighQ windows and doors are built to last and are designed for beauty, efficiency and convenience. However, it is important that the homeowner understand proper care techniques to ensure the best-performance of our products. We have outlined some best practices below for your convenience, however, in the rare instance that you encounter an issue not outlined here or in the product manual please contact us.

Is the Sash on Your Casement Window Stuck?

Start out by checking the sash lock mechanism to ensure it is totally unlocked. Turn the handle and push very gently on the sash close to the lock mechanism. The sash should smoothly pop open. Open the window fully and check the surface of the weather stripping. If it’s getting worn you may want to coat it with a thin layer of lubricant to stop it from getting stuck again.

How To Clean Vinyl Windows

As we’ve mentioned you do not need to do a lot of maintenance work on HighQ windows and doors. You will not need to paint, stain or treat your windows apart from occasional cleaning and lubricating due to weathering. When you feel your windows or doors could use a little sprucing up clean the interior and exterior using warm soapy household cleaner diluted with water. We recommend you use window cleaners without ammonia for any glass components.

How To Clean Window and Door Hardware

Wipe your window and door hardware down with warm soapy water then rinse with clean fresh water. Do not leave any soap residue as this could prevent proper function over time. We also recommend you lubricate your window and door hardware with your dry lubricant of choice.

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