Lift & Slide Doors

Lift and Slide Doors are Popular for a Number of Reasons

They Showcase a View Wall-to-Wall

Lift and slide doors can showcase a view from wall-to-wall without interruption because they can be made to fit just about any large space. When opened the doors create a dramatic, full-wall opening as the door panels stack to one side. These doors can be installed in spaces up to 12 feet tall making them ‘floor to ceiling’ as well as ‘wall-to-wall’.

They are Affordable

HighQ’s Lift and Slide Door is made for the budget conscious customer who wants a door system that is higher quality and looks sharper than the average sliding door. We commonly help building developers choose these doors for boutique hotels, villas, high-rise apartment complexes and bungalows that have a small amount of space, and want to capitalize on a view or natural lighting to take the development to the next level.

They are Space-Friendly

Lift and slide doors do not need lots of space to successfully operate. These doors are commonly used on high-end apartment designs where spaces are small and views must be made to look as stunning as possible. The ‘sliding’ mechanism means there doesn’t need to be a lot of space on either side of the door for it to open. The doors can simply slide to the side and stack or, in some designs, the doors can be tucked into a ‘pocket’ in the wall that’s factored into the building design for them.

They are Secure

Because of their tight, locking panels lift and slide doors can satisfy even the strictest weather proofing, acoustic and thermal resistance requirements.

You Don't Have to Compromise

Energy Efficiency

You Don't Have to Compromise

You do not have to compromise on light and space when meeting your need for energy efficiency. The GENEO® Lift/Slide patio door from REHAU is manufactured using high tech material RAUFIPRO® and combines maximum glass areas with the best energy efficiency. Our Lift and Slide Door also offer many other advantages such as noise reduction and security.

Eco-Friendly - Reduce and Reuse

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-Friendly - Reduce and Reuse

High Q Lift and Slide doors are environmentally friendly and will help you save money on energy. Their slim design will allow you to have the experience you’re looking for from a product that uses far less materials to manufacture.

Customers Love this Space-Conscious, Slim Design

Slim Profile for a Modern Design

Customers Love this Space-Conscious, Slim Design

High Q Lift and Slide Doors have elements available up to a height of 2.70 m and a width of 10 m. These doors also offer different opening possibilities that will work in most spaces. Lift and Slide doors are often sought out by customers for their slim, modern design.

Custom Profile Options
We offer myriad of customization options. Panel configurations allow you to customize the opening to use bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. Finishes include classic PBC White, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, and many more popular colours. An extended range of woodgrain and colour laminate options are also available.
Hardware Options & Colours
Contact us for more info on our wide range of colours and hardware options for this product.

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