Folding Glass Doors & Bi-Fold Doors

Folding (Bi-Fold) Exterior Doors

Exterior Folding Glass Doors (often referred to as Bi-Fold doors) are the best choice for large exterior openings between inside and outside living areas. Our bi-fold doors can cover large openings, with a maximum number of 7 panes offering unrestricted access and bringing the outside into the inside. They truly transform a space. Don’t forget to view our past installations and keep an eye out for the breathtaking effect bi-fold doors can have on a space.

Large sliding glass doors, White Rock, BC.

Folding Patio Doors

Bi-fold doors are commonly used on patios. The large, uninterrupted glass panels help to capture a view while still making your exterior patio accessible. Folding Patio doors are a great choice for an indoor/outdoor transition.

Folding Patio Door, West Vancouver, BC.

Quality You Can Count On

Despite the wide opening our windows are double-glazed, or triple-glazed and well-sealed, therefore, you don’t have to worry about thermal and phonic insulation. Our exterior folding doors are designed to transform your space visually and contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Folding door seal and locking mechanism
Compression-Sealed Folding Doors

Compression seals are placed along the frame and sashes along with locking hardware that hinges at multiple points. Unlike traditional doors, our folding doors contain hinges both vertically and horizontally for added security and stability. A lever-locking mechanism securely closes the end panel of the bi-folding sashes.

Folding Door Profile with Triple Pane Option
Large Window Glazing & Chambers

To improve energy efficiency and acoustical properties, a large glazing capacity of up to 1/38 inches (35mm) in thickness is used. Reinforced chambers within each folding door panel allows each panel to be as large as 7.5 ft (2.4m) high and 3 ft (0.9m) wide.

Saving you money

Energy Efficient

Saving you money

HighQ Folding Doors have very good thermal insulation properties which can significantly reduce your home heating bills. Retaining head longer within the property can reduce heading times reducing emissions from burning less fuel and consuming less energy.

Peace and Quiet, when you want it

Noise Reduction

Peace and Quiet, when you want it

Our Folding Doors are double-glazed (double-pane) which reduce outdoor noise by creating a vacuum space to reduce noise transfer.

Keeping the outdoors out

Weather Resistance

Keeping the outdoors out

Vancouver weather can be unpredictable at times. Our doors have been tested worldwide to endure even extreme weather conditions. Additionally, all of our products have been subject to vigorous in-house and manufacturer testing to ensure your home is protected.

Keeping your folding doors looking and working like new

Low Maintenance

Keeping your folding doors looking and working like new

Folding doors are very low maintenance. Our high quality materials and manufacturing process ensures that our PVCu Folding Door systems will never rot, warp or require painting.

Custom Profile Options
We offer myriad of customization options. Panel configurations allow you to customize the opening to use bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. Finishes include classic PBC White, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, and many more popular colours. An extended range of woodgrain and colour laminate options are also available.
Hardware Options & Colours
Contact us for more info on our wide range of colours and hardware options for this product.

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