Installation Services

As part of your purchase of one of our products HighQ offers comprehensive installation and maintenance services for all of our windows and doors.

Our installers are trained and certified to install your new windows or doors correctly and securely. We aim to make the installation process as smooth and quick for you as possible.

After you have had an appointment in our showroom and selected the products you would like to purchase, we deliver the product to your home, install the doors and windows and ensure you know how to safely operate them before we leave. It is our company mandate to leave your home cleaner than when we arrived on the premise.

If you are working with a construction company we have itemized the following list of Tips for a Smooth and Proper Installation. Show this list to the professional who is in charge of your new home construction or home renovation and be sure to review it yourself for the smoothest operation of your new doors and windows.

Tips For Proper Installation:

  1. Make sure window or door is level, plumb and rectangular.
  2. HighQ recommends that you provide a clearance of at least 10 mm(3/8″) between finishing materials and the edge of the hinges, please make sure that your finishing material covers NO MORE than 12 mm(1/2″)
  3. When opening your new windows or doors, never force the handle! If excessive force is used, hardware might become damaged and irreparable. If installation was performed correctly, your window/door hardware should operate smoothly.
  4. Always check window/door and hardware operation after securing the screws.
  5. All windows come adjusted from the factory. After installation your new window/door and hardware should operate smooth and easy.
  6. Always use brackets and screw the frame into the RO in the following product installation order: Balcony door, Bi-fold door, Tilt/slide door, Lift/slide door, Entry.

For more details about our installation, please ask for the installation manual.

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