Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn Windows are Versatile, Durable and Authentically European

The High Q Tilt & Turn window design is a top-of-the-line product. Tilt & turn windows offer an innovative design and unmatched versatility. In it’s ’tilted’ position the window allows for draft-free ventilation and offers protection from the rain. Turn the handle and the whole window opens like a traditional hinged door. In this position the window is easy to clean and offers maximum ventilation.When closed the Tilt & Turn has the elegant appearance of a picture window. This European window design is one of our most popular products for residential and commercial developers because of their simplistic design and reliable mechanism.

Tilt and turn windows are high performance windows that combine the best of timeless beauty and reliable durability. The tilt and turn window has lead the window and door markets in Europe for decades. Developers and homeowners love the design and functionality of these tried and true classic windows.

Here are some reasons we love Tilt and Turn Windows

  •  Superior indoor air quality without drafts as outside air channels in through the sides of the window while indoor air exits through the top.
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Highly Secure Locking Mechanisms
  • Broad Range of Sizes and Styles


Three Designs in One Window

This design allows the window to operate in either a tilted, open or closed position. In any position the windows maintains its energy efficiency and elegant aesthetic. Consequently, you get three window designs in one product:

  1. Traditional casement look (when the window is in the turn position)
  2. Convenient top ventilation (when the window is in the tilt position) and
  3. Elegant picture window (when the window is closed).


Your Safety is Our Highest Priority

Our windows have a multi-locking system with mushroom-cam steel locking points which provide high security for your home. The window is equipped with a special mechanism that secures the window when the hardware is being forced open from outside.

Weather Proof

A Window for Every Season

The weather should not determine the flexibility of your window. The tilt and turn design allows you to enjoy the seasons to their full extent. On sunny days these windows open fully to allow-in the most fresh air of any of our window designs. Tilted, these windows will allow fresh air in but they will keep the rain out. And on those really rainy days, these windows close and seal fully while still allowing in a substantial amount of light.

Custom Profile Options
We offer myriad of customization options. Panel configurations allow you to customize the opening to use bi-fold or multi-fold allowing greater flexibility. Finishes include classic PBC White, Irish Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, and many more popular colours. An extended range of woodgrain and colour laminate options are also available.
Hardware Options & Colours
Contact us for more info on our wide range of colours and hardware options for this product.

Whole Home Solutions & Packages for European Windows and Doors

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  • Functionality of our windows and doors can be adapted to accommodate a number of manually or automatically operated hardware for the ultimate ease-of-use.

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