4 Reasons Why New Construction Home Developers Should Consider European Windows and Doors

Throughout North America, a shortage of new homes has sustained a red-hot housing market for over a decade. The demand for housing has continued unabated throughout the pandemic—in fact the work-from-home shift has stimulated demand and driven home prices even higher than during “normal” times.

For new home developers, this means higher costs for raw materials and labor. As home prices rise, buyers are demanding superlative products throughout new homes, with no place for short-cuts. Perhaps the most visible part of any home are its windows and doors. And for extraordinary European Windows and Doors, new home developers turn to HighQ Windows and Doors.

Four reasons why new home developers should consider European Windows and Doors

  1. European windows and doors represent the pinnacle of the market

Architects and developers have noted that the product quality, finish and technology offered by true European windows and doors exceeds that of traditional North American products. This is a result of generations of research and development, leading to continuous product refinement. The refinement and inherent beauty of European Windows and doors is immediately apparent to even a casual observer.

  1. European Windows and doors perfectly work inside and outside

For entertaining and enjoying the outdoors, European Windows and doors offer an array of options, from versatile Lift and Slide Doors to Tilt and Turn Windows that completely protect a home from bad weather when needed, and open completely like a door with the turn of a handle.

  1. Efficiency and safety in the same package

Many European Windows are designed with the ability to allow filtered air into a home through the sides, along with allowing warm air to escape through the top. Airflow and ventilation patterns for our door and window product assortment has been scientifically researched and designed into the products. In contrast, conventional windows are either open or shut.  In terms of safety, because many of our product have built-in optionality in terms of how they open, they also contain multiple locking points for added security.

  1. European Windows and Doors are the ideal choice for environmentally-friendly design
tilt and turn windows

Due to the fact that testing standards are more rigorous for European Windows and doors, they perform better in terms of thermal regulation, fresh air flow, and the performance of the glass used for the products. In keeping with long-term new home construction trends, door and windows that outperform their counterparts will lead the high-end residential market moving forward.

As the Vancouver region’s leading supplier of European Windows and Doors, HighQ’s expert staff would be delighted to guide you through the optimal product selection for your new high-end home development project. Please call our showroom to learn more.