Four Considerations You Should Make When Choosing New Patio Doors

Summer is Upon Us and There’s No Better Time to Upgrade Your Patio with New European Windows and Doors

It’s exciting when you deiced to replace your current, or add patio doors to your home. While you know you want to improve or add an entryway, there are a few factors you must take into consideration.

What Is The Design Aesthetic Of Your Home?

The first thing you must consider is what style of door best suits your preferred design aesthetic. While all of our doors are modern, you may prefer the more contemporary look of our tilt and turn doors—or a mix of modern and classic of our floor to ceiling HighQ French doors. Also consider if the door will be a focal point of the room, and how a double vs. a single door will affect furniture placement.

How Will You Use Your Door?

Patios, outdoor kitchens, and furnished outdoor living spaces are now considered a fully-functioning extension of your home. This means that how you plan to use your outdoor space, will influence the type of door you require. If you will have a lot of traffic in and out of your home, or plan to move large furniture in and out seasonally—double French doors may be the best way to go. If you are only in need of an additional exit or entrance, or your room is small—our tilt and turn doors may be the better fit.

How Much Light Do You Want To Let In?

Any new glass patio door added to a room will improve natural lighting, but you must consider how much light you prefer. Tilt and turn doors are an excellent way to create a wall of light, with some doors that you plan only to tilt—and some you use as an entryway. While French double doors won’t cover an entire wall, you may be able to line them with decorative windows to allow in more light. Either way, the structure of your home may limit your options.

What Are Your Needs For Security, Airflow, & Insulation?

It’s almost impossible to purchase a modern door that isn’t energy-efficient. This helps to reduce energy costs, and even to protect your interior furniture and accessories from sun fading. However, you must also consider airflow and security. If you are adding a double French door to improve airflow, consider how comfortable you are leaving one or both doors open screen-free. If security is of greater concern, or to increase airflow when you aren’t home—the “tilt” of a tilt and turn door may be the better way to go.

Before you get your heart set on French or tilt and turn, reach out today to discuss the types of doors suitable for the interior and exterior structure of your home!