How to Extend the Lifetime of Your European Windows and Doors?

Here’s How to Ensure Your HighQ Windows and Doors Can Last You a Lifetime

HighQ windows and doors are already designed with the highest quality and most durable uPVC materials. At HighQ we understand that windows and doors are an investment and they have an important job to do. If you’re constructing a new home, installing new windows and doors will add value to the home that will enable you to sell the home for top dollar. If you own an older home and are looking to give your exiting home an immediate face-lift, new windows and doors will achieve just that. Of course, spending a little more on higher quality windows and doors will help ensure you don’t have to afford costly repairs and replacements in the future. Most of our customers are interested in hearing about how they can help their windows and doors last longer, therefore, we’ve put together this post to summarize the easiest ways to extend their lifetime:

Regularly Clean Your HighQ Windows and Doors

It may sound like a chore but in order to keep your European windows and doors in top condition for the longest period of time, you need to regularly clean them. The right way of doing that is by taking a standard all-purpose sponge, that is small enough to fit into the small crevasses of your windows and doors. Be careful not to use a sponge that will scratch, we typically recommend microfiber sponges on HighQ windows and doors. If your windows and doors are heavily soiled, use warm soapy water to wash them clean. Doing this regularly will prevent build up of organic materials and spotting from calcium deposits. Sometimes the joints and hinges of windows are neglected as it’s easier to clean the interior and exterior parts of the window, therefore, before you clean the window, make sure that it is opened so that all its parts can be cleaned properly. Lastly, please keep in mind is the fact that windows are prone to rust and you need to dry the windows as soon as possible to avoid it.

* If your HighQ Windows and Doors have just been installed make sure all stickers are removed from the glass. Stickers that are left on the windows can leave permanent residue.

Use Your Windows and Doors as They Were Designed to Be Used

European windows and doors are popular because a single product can be used in so many different ways. With that being said, it’s important to only use your windows and doors as they were designed to be used. Try not to get creative with their usability and be mindful of which parts of your windows are likely to get the most wear. For example, our popular folding doors shouldn’t be left in the ‘folded’ position permanently as the compression of this position could take a toll on the hardware if done repeatedly over an extended period of time. Casement windows should be left hanging open for too-long because this will strain the hinges if done repeatedly over a long period of time. Along those same lines be proactive about inspecting your windows and doors from time to time to make sure that there are no cracks, scratches or abrasions. Dealing with small issues immediately will prevent them from growing into larger issues.

Lubricate Your Windows and Doors

Casement and awning operator hinges and locks should be lubricated every 2 years. Use white Lithium grease on the hardware gears and silicone spray on hinge tracks and locks. Be sure to clean the areas needing lubricant prior to applying the lubricant.

Sliding and lift & slide door hardware should be lubricated on a yearly basis. This includes the lock mechanism and door roller wheels and track. Use silicone spray. Clean track before applying lubricate.

If You Have any Questions About Making Your HighQ Windows and Doors Last Longer Please Call Us