Glass Folding Doors — Seamless Indoor to Outdoor Spaces

glass folding doors

If you are seeking to truly transform your living space, High Q’s stunning glass folding doors are an excellent option to consider. Glass patio doors combine convenience, drama, safety and energy efficiency into an elegant, scalable solution.

The brilliance of folding glass doors lies in their ability to elide indoors and outdoors. It is easy to talk about indoor/outdoor living, but these doors can truly bring that vision to life. If you have an opportunity to see a glass folding door in-action in our showroom or in our portfolio of recently completed projects, you will be impressed by how they seamlessly integrate outdoors and indoors and how unobtrusive they are.

One Door Can Perform Many Functions in a Home

glass folding doors

Also known as bi-fold doors, folding glass doors are simply the best choice for combining the outdoors and indoors. The main reason for this is that they can cover large areas while being simple to operate.

If you have a patio space, installing a bi-fold door will dramatically increase your entertaining options. When the weather is mild, they can be completely opened to allow for very large gatherings. If the weather is inclement, they can be securely shut to keep the elements at bay.

With a maximum of 7 panels, bi-fold doors can be configured to accommodate different sized rooms. Regardless of the configuration or finishes that you choose, bi-fold doors offer excellent thermal properties and will save on energy costs. 

In the variable climates of metropolitan Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia, the weather resistance offered by High Q’s folding doors offers piece of mind. 

glass folding doors

Quiet operation, beauty, security and protection from the elements are all part of the package with glass folding doors.

Glass folding doors are one of the flagship offerings from High Q Windows and Doors. We invite your inquiries about how to transform your living spaces with large glass bi-fold doors.