Glass Sliding Doors Can Transform Your Vancouver Patio

Your Home Patio Space Matters More than Ever

The temperate weather and beauty of spring in Vancouver really emphasizes the importance of making every space in ones home beautiful and functional. Each year, Spring gives Vancouverites a chance to consider enhancements they’d like to make to their outdoor living and patio spaces. Many of our large, glass sliding doors, including lift and slide, tilt and glide and folding doors have been used to transform indoor-to-outdoor patio living spaces throughout Vancouver.

Capture a View with Uninterrupted Sliding Glass Doors

How do you know which type of glass door to use for your patio? Determining which product to use will mostly depend on the size of the opening you have available and the functionality you need these doors to have. For example, extremely large openings are usually best accommodated by our lift and slide doors. These doors look like floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but of course, can slide open to make outdoor spaces accessible.

High-Traffic Doorways are Best Served by Folding Patio Doors

Smaller openings that will typically receive a lot more traffic are generally better served by folding doors. They don’t offer the ‘uninterrupted’ glass that so many of our customers love but their ease of use make up for the extra trim.

Snug Spaces with Minimal Traffic are Perfect for Tilt and Glide

Lastly, Tilt and glide doors are terrific for enhancing a patio space but will also complement the interior space they share a wall with. Tilt & glide doors are often used between a kitchen and a patio complementing both areas aesthetically and functionally. The ’tilting’ feature is always a show stopper for guests.

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