Gorgeous Examples of European Windows Being Used in Vancouver Luxury Homes

Throughout Vancouver, luxury homeowners are using European windows for new homes and renovations. European windows are a truly premium product that come in an array of product types and configurations to suit virtually any architectural style and customer desire.

Luxury Homes Show off European Windows to Great Effect

luxury european windows vancouver

In the Mattas Residence, Tilt and Turn Windows are used to highlight the home’s detailed craftsmanship and bring in maximum light without compromising security. When the windows are tilted, they provided protection from the elements, and in the closed position they present as large picture windows.

Casement Windows have been popular in Europe for a long time and have been used extensively in North America for many years. While casement windows can be beautiful and relatively affordable, we advise homeowners to consider other window types that may offer more longevity and greater functionality for their projects.

One West Vancouver home uses casement windows to great effect to highlight its architectural detail. Using different sized windows allows for keeping the scale of different elevations in harmony with the window selection. For homes with numerous windows, we provide an excellent selection of casement windows that are simple to operate.

Simple, Classic and Popular Pivot Windows are Appearing in Vancouver Luxury Houses

luxury european windows vancouver

Pivoting Windows are a true European gem that are gaining in popularity among a North American audience. Ideal for upper stories due to the fact that they pivot around the middle and present a maximum of a half-opening, Pivoting Windows offer maximum ventilation in tight spaces.

In a British Properties home,  Pivoting Windows are used to accent grand elevations in a light-filled home. In keeping with the indoor/outdoor motif of this home, the supreme functionality of Pivoting Windows is a perfect lifestyle complement that brings the outdoors inside while protecting from the elements and providing a measure of safety.

HighQ Windows and Doors supplies high quality European windows and doors to designers, contractors and homeowners in Western Canada and beyond. We invite your inquiries about what products are best suited to your projects, and we look forward to working with you.