HighQ Windows and Doors Meet BC’s New Energy Efficiency Requirements

The BC Energy Step Code (Step Code) was established by the province of British Columbia to create a roadmap for constructing energy efficient homes and to empower local governments and agencies with the power to enforce compliance through requirements and financial incentives.

The Step Code provides guidance in terms of achieving a set percentage amount of energy savings relative to its benchmark year of 2017. By 2022, the Step Code’s objective is for buildings to be 20% more efficient, with incremental 20% gains in 2027 and 2032.

With the most recent code updates established in 2019, the Step Code has evolved into a blueprint for achieving zero net energy status for the BC building  code by 2032. Zero net energy results in buildings wherein the amount of energy consumed is equal to its on-site generation from renewable power generation and other technologies.

How HighQ products comply with provincial energy requirements

Photo Credit: BC Energy Step Code. Learn more about the BC Energy Step Code and local government implementation efforts.

From a technical standpoint, we use a proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion process along with compression seal technologies that yield low U-value glazing properties. On a local basis, HighQ products are also fully compliant with all municipal codes and Energy Star standards.

Many of our windows and doors are ingeniously designed to let fresh air in while keeping rain or snow out. During the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall, this helps minimize energy costs while maximizing light and fresh air.

HighQ Products are compliant with BC provincial energy standards

As a leader in the production of high-quality European windows and doors, HighQ’s entire product line is compliant with BC provincial energy standards. Our array of highly refined European windows and doors is commonly regarded as superior to North American manufactured product by architects, builders and designers.

With a line of doors and windows that feature superior energy efficiency, we invite you to contact us for a quote to provide beauty and value for your project.