Modern European Windows and Doors Add Value and Elegance to your Property in Vancouver

Throughout Vancouver, luxury homeowners are using European windows for new homes and renovations. European windows are a truly premium product that come in an array of product types and configurations to suit virtually any architectural style and customer desire.

Lift and Slide Doors – Seamlessly Capture a Showstopping View

Lift and Slide Doors  are the consummate modern home door product. These doors can be custom sized for any width and up to 12 feet high and provide the maximum amount of light for any space. Lift and Slide doors open completely to one side to allow indoor/outdoor access without the intrusion of frames or dividers.

Tilt and Glide Doors – Functional for Smaller Spaces

For spaces that are limited in terms of not having the room for a conventional swing door, Tilt and Glide Doors provide the maximum amount of light and the versatility to furnish a small room in any way you choose. Tilt and Glide doors are designed with one side that is fixed and another that tilts up for access to the outdoors. They can be adapted to indoor/outdoor applications or interior spaces where there is a shared wall.

Folding Glass Doors/Bi-Fold Doors – Indoor Outdoor Living at It’s Finest

Folding Glass Doors/Bi-Fold Doors are optimal for large rooms where easy access to the outdoors is desired. With a maximum of 7 individual panes, these doors can cover very large-span widths and provide optimal entertaining options for Vancouver’s temperate seasons.

Not only do Folding Glass Doors/Bi-Fold Doors provide ideal indoor/outdoor transitions, but they are also extremely secure. These doors are hinged both horizontally and vertically for stability and extra security and the bi-fold doors have a lever locking mechanism. All of HighQ’s folding doors can be provided with either double or triple glazed glass.

Add value and beauty to your home with HighQ European-style windows

European-style windows and doors are the epitome of modern style. Window and door upgrades are one of the highest value-enhancing improvements you can make to your home. We invite you to explore our extraordinary selection of windows and doors and we look forward to speaking with you about your new home or renovation project.