Save Space and Seamlessly Capture Vancouver’s Stunning Views with European Accordion Doors

For homeowners and designers who want to create a seamless opening between their home and the outdoors,  Folding (Bi-Fold) Exterior Doors are the perfect solution.

Also known as Accordion Doors, Folding Exterior Doors do not contain any anchored panels or hardware elements. Deploying a system of magnets, Accordion Doors can be configured in a nearly infinite variety of openings. Versatile and beautiful, these doors completely disappear when moved to the side and can be used year-round to maximize ventilation, entertainment and security depending on need.

Accordion Doors also incorporate compression seals and locking mechanisms for all the panels, ensuring safety and protection from the elements when so desired.

Best Doors for Large Exterior Openings

With a maximum of 7 panes, Accordion Doors are the best choice for large exterior openings. Lift and Slide Doors also provide full view opportunities with locking panels that slide to the side (and, if desired, into openings.) However, Lift and Slide Doors require anchored panels that are visible when the doors are closed versus Accordion Doors that appear more like windows when they are closed. Lift and Slide Doors are often used for high-end hotels and residential structures where space is at a premium.

Vancouver Market is rapidly adopting Accordion Doors

Project such as a new modern home in West Vancouver display the beauty of Accordion Doors to maximum effect.  In the warmer months, the doors can completely open to the outside, and during cooler and rainier months, they can be arranged to allow enough ventilation for comfort while keeping the elements outside.

As with all of our products, there are a variety of trim colors available for your custom home project.

High Q Windows and Doors at the vanguard of high-quality European windows and doors

HighQ Windows and Doors manufactures and distributes European-Style doors and windows designed, tested and manufactured to meticulous standards. The product range uses vinyl for maximum durability and beauty throughout our extensive product range. Please contact one of our service advisors to learn about the benefits of Accordion Doors for your next home project.