Do you Need to Order Custom Windows and Doors?

Custom Windows and Doors are Usually Necessary for Pre-Existing Structures

Depending on when a residential or commercial building was developed, custom windows and doors may be necessary. HighQDev often gets calls for whole-home window and doors re-installation from home owners and housing developers that need to add-value to existing homes by replacing the windows and doors. It’s common for older homes to need window and door replacements and the process presents an opportunity to improve the design, layout and atmosphere throughout the building.

That said, the project scope can increase dramatically if the new windows don’t fit into the spaces left behind by removing the old windows. Making a new window fit into an old windows space can sometimes require taking down walls, widening window gaps etc. Often, it’s more cost effective to simply have custom windows developed that will fit right into the old window spaces without the need for expensive and lengthy renovations.

HighQDev has helped many home owners and housing flippers develop custom windows for pre-existing structures. The results are older homes that feel renewed with their new, brighter and more-functional fixtures. Browse some of the projects we’ve completed that involved custom window and door designs below.

If You’re a Developer You Probably Don’t Need Custom Windows and Doors

With that being said, if you’re a residential or commercial developer and you haven’t started building yet, it is advantageous to incorporate out-of-the-box windows and doors into your blue-prints. Building other fixtures of the home around the window and door plan will save you the extra expensive of needing to have custom window and door designs created to fit your specific blue-prints. As we’ve mentioned, the custom process can be quite labor intensive and you run the risk of not being able to blend fitting the window space with functionality. If you’re still in the planning stage it’s far preferable to call us while you’re still mapping out the initial blue-prints. Even if shovels won’t be in-the-ground for quite some time we offer services to help you factor in the right european windows and doors for your project.

In Summary:

  • In summary, it’s more expensive to custom design windows.
  • If you have the advantage of being able to fit pre-built windows into your development blueprints, we advise going that route. It will be more affordable to develop using pre-built windows and doors as opposed to custom ones.
  • HighQDev can help home owners and flippers who need to install new windows and doors throughout a pre-existing structure. We’ll do what we can to use out-of-the-box windows and doors as much as we can to keep the costs of designing, developing and installing custom windows to a minimum.

Examples of Projects We’ve Developed Using Custom Windows & Doors