Why Home Owners in British Columbia Love European Windows

British Columbia is in the Pacific North West which is characterized by stormy, wet climate conditions that can pose a series of threats to home owners and many challenges to home developers. Separate from any concerns regarding security and ease-of-use, home owners and home developers need to consider that all home exteriors will be exposed to tremendous amounts of precipitation, cold and freezing temperatures. As a result, doors, windows and building walls need to be particularly durable, tightly sealed, and well insulated.

In the last few years the popularity of European Windows and Doors have skyrocketed in part due to this issue. European windows and doors offer weather-proofing features that perform more efficiently than traditional North American doors and windows.

HighQ Windows and Doors are Double Glazed and Meet the Highest Energy Ratings

Choosing replacement windows for a home in British Columbia is an opportunity to make your home more energy efficient, reduce heating costs and also prevent damage from water and moisture to your home.  All HighQ window systems achieve an ‘A’ rating (A rated windows) – the highest energy rating when installed with the appropriate glazing unit and double glazed windows offered by HighQ. HighQ window systems can also accommodate triple glazing which can help towards Passivhaus standard and improved noise reduction.

Seals and Security

Tight window seals and will last as long as your window panes and security for you and your home is paramount, so all of our window systems are made from only the highest quality uPVC and have been designed to provide rigidity and strength.  This allows the highest performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms to be fitted to your double glazed windows – your HighQ installer will provide you with advice on this issue.  All HighQ window and door systems can comply with PAS 24, the standard governing enhanced security enabling them to achieve Secured by Design (SBD) certification.

Quality and Performance

As well as meeting the highest Energy Saving standards, HighQ window systems have been tested in accordance with and meet the highest requirements of BS7412 for the standard of a manufactured window, including BS6375 for weather performance, in fact HighQ windows and doors are one of the only retailers of windows that have been manufactured by uPVC Window Systems to test for ‘severe’ weather conditions.

Get Windows and Doors that can With Stand the Pacific North West’s Weather and Climate

Needless to say, homes in British Columbia that install HighQ Windows and Doors will be kept safe and dry for in the long run. Call us for more information about the window and door selection that will best meet the needs of your project.