5 Benefits of Installing European Pivoting Windows

The Advantages of European Pivoting Windows for North American Homes

European Pivot windows are a great option for many housing developers and home owners that want to combine top-of-the-line quality with ease of function and an elegant aesthetic. Pivot windows have a hinge installed on opposite sides of the window frame that allow the window to ‘pivot’ open as the glass at the top and bottom angles towards the interior and exterior of the building respectively.

Here’s How Pivoting Windows Function Once Installed

Essentially, the pivot windows revolve when they are opened up. Once opened, the weight of both the top and bottom glass portions of the window is on the hinge. To ensure the hinge doesn’t give-out under the pressure, modern pivot window hinges add a friction device to carry the full weight of the window and restrict how far the window can be opened as well as allowing the window to be ‘locked’ in its pivoted position.

Pivoting windows do not turn freely; they may have friction points controlled by the user, allowing multiple starting positions. They could come with a conventional catch with side or central handle or with a push bar. The benefits of installing pivoting windows throughout your home include:

  1. Because of the ‘pivoting’ functionality, both the interior and exterior of the window can be cleaned from the inside of the building. No more exterior window washing needed!
  2. Although pivot windows have been around for hundreds of years, in North America they look modern and sophisticated because the stand-out from traditional North American windows.
  3. The only thing keeping the window in place is the window frame and the central hinge. For this reason users often enjoy being able to pivot their windows open for maximum ventilation without having the weight of a sliding pane of glass moving back and forth.
  4. They provide all-season protection from the elements, and because they pivot, it is possible to let in ventilation into an area without letting the rain and snow in as well.
  5. To an extent pivoting windows are impermeable and somewhat soundproof because of the high-pressure closure of the hinge, the large field of vision from the uninterrupted glass and the minimal use of internal space when the window is opened.

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